This website and the Coronavirus Freephone Helpline 0800 061 4089 has been set up by Shepton Mallet Town Council to provide help and signposting to appropriate sources of help and assistance, and to support the local response to the coronavirus pandemic. The website is intended to link users to:

  • Shepton Mallet-based community organisations
  • Government sources of help and information
  • Medical services
  • Organisations with relevant experience
  • News and information relating to the coronavirus outbreak

The group of supportive organisations and voluntary groups includes Shepton Mallet Coronavirus Volunteers, Shepton Mallet Town Council, Shepton Mallet Neighbourhood Watch, the Salvation Army, Shepton Mallet Benefice Churches, Mendip Health Connections and many others who are, wherever possible, pooling resources.

Further information is available on the websites of many of these organisations and agencies, as well the following Facebook pages:

Shepton Mallet & Surrounding Villages Coronavirus Community Help

Shepton Mallet Community Group

Errors and Omissions on this website

Please leave a message via if you identify any errors, corrections or omissions on this website.  Equally, please report any broken links on this website.  If you receive unsatisfactory responses from any of the third party providers of help or services, please tell us.

By keeping us informed in this way, you will help us ensure that we provide reliable up to date local and national sources of information, services and assistance throughout the course of the coronavirus emergency.

We also welcome local news stories that relate to the emergency or your suggestions for content that can improve this website.

The Shepton Mallet Community working together

…and many more of our businesses, charities, clubs, schools, churches, and community organisations.